Top 10 list of how you know if you grew up in the Churches of Christ

Here’s a “Top 10 List” of how you can know if you grew up in the Churches of Christ.  It’s in jest, so if you haven’t read this, lighten-up a little.

1. You know the 1st, 2nd, and 4th verses to nearly every song in the book.

2. You think it might be unscriptural to drain the baptistery before worship.

3. You were 18 before you realized that ‘guard-guide-and-direct-us’ was not one word.

4. You thought the offering was part of the Lord’s Supper.

5. You’ve wondered who Ebon Pinon was.

6. You never saw an original showing of The Ed Sullivan Show, The Wonderful World of Disney, or any other program aired on Sunday Nights.

7. You were the only kid in the 6th grade who knew what ‘accapella’ meant.

8. You were the only kid who had actually sung alto or tenor before taking junior high chorus.

9. You have never heard the great life stories of Saint Patrick, Martin Luther, Paul Bunyan, Jonathon Edwards, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, Billy Sunday, Eric Liddell, Corrie ten Boom, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham…

10. During a service you have: laughed, cried, been disciplined, dropped a book, walked to the restroom, passed a note, whispered to a friend, sneezed and said ‘amen’  -but you NEVER, EVER clapped.


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