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Part 1- Church of Christ doctrinal dilemma

Chapter One: What was the 5th century Pelagian Controversy? How is it similar to what is taught in the Churches of Christ today?

Chapter Two: How does the Church of Christ view of the gospel compare with that of evangelical Christianity?

Chapter Three: What is the doctrine of Justification by faith alone? How is it misunderstood by the Churches of Christ?

Chapter Four: What about James chapter 2 and “faith without works is dead”?

Chapter Five: What about baptism? Doesn’t a person need to be “water” baptized in order to be saved?

Chapter Six: Why are worship methodology issues such as non-instrumental music often so important to those in the Church of Christ?

Chapter Seven: Are Church of Christ beliefs regarding the gospel outside that of evangelical Christianity?

Chapter Eight: Is the Church of Christ a good biblical church? Do all the Churches of Christ have the same ‘faith plus works’ salvation theology?

Chapter Nine: What are some examples that will help illustrate the doctrinal differences between the Churches of Christ and evangelical Christianity?

Chapter Ten: Is there any practical information that might be helpful to know when sharing the gospel with those in the Churches of Christ?

Part 2- Answers for Church of Christ baptism-for-salvation pretext verses:

Chapter 1: Mark 16:16

Chapter 2: John 3:5-8

Chapter 3: Acts 2:38

Chapter 4: Acts 22:16

Chapter 5: Galatians 3:27

Chapter 6: Ephesians 4:5

Chapter 7: 1 Peter 3:21

Part 3- Answers for other Church of Christ doctrinal problems:

Chapter One: What is faith? Isn’t believing a work of the believer?

Chapter Two: Is the doctrine of salvation by faith alone a Calvinistic doctrine?

Chapter Three: What is the controversy over instrumental music in worship?

Chapter Four: What is the controversy over having a “correct” church name?

Chapter Five: How does a person obey the gospel?

Chapter Six: Show one place where the words “faith alone” is found in Scripture

Chapter Seven: What about James 2:24 and ‘not justified by faith only’?

Part 4- Questions for the Churches of Christ:

Chapter One: Why isn’t Romans 6:1 ever asked in the Churches of Christ?

Chapter Two: A question about baptism and the “5 step plan of salvation”.

Chapter Three: What is the purpose of the Old Testament Law?

Chapter Four: Does the Church of Christ reverse faith and repentance?

Chapter Five: How can a person know if they are attending a traditional Church of Christ?

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